Minister Roja terms Lokesh as ‘iron leg’, no public for Yuvagalam

Vijayawada: Tourism Minister RK Roja has criticised Telugu Desam general secretary Nara Lokesh, saying “Lokesh Uncle is Iron Leg.” She said his was not a pada yatra but a “joker yatra.”

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the minister said Lokesh reached a day before, in the evening, to Nagiri for the padayatra. “As there were no crowds waiting for the padayatra in the morning, TD activists brought people from Bangalore and Chennai and created a good crowd for the padayatra.”

She said the Lokesh padayatra in Nagiri lost its sheen as there was very little local public participation.

Minister Roja said the Nara family was synonymous with corruption. “Right from TD chief Chandrababu, Bhuvaneshwari, Brahmini and Lokesh, they are emperors of corruption,” she alleged.

In Chittoor district, those who do dairy business by selling milk are still the same, but Chandrababu Naidu and his family got very rich. Naidu should publicly answer how he became a millionaire and is running the heritage?”

She said the “people of Chittoor know how Chandrababu, a two-acre farmer, got thousands of crores.” She said a CBI inquiry should be initiated into the Nara family’s assets.”

Roja said, “As long as I am a film artist and continue in politics, is there anything wrong if my brothers and my husband keep supporting me and helping me Lokesh does not have the right to even mention the names of my brothers.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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