Buggana clarifies on 3-capitals issue

Vijayawada: Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath has made some confusing comments about the three-capitals plan. He said there was a lot of "miscommunication" on this subject and the AP government was committed to start the rule from Vizag.

He stated this during a road show held in Bangalore on Tuesday as part of the Global Investment Summit Vizag campaign. Several attendees and investors asked various questions to the minister on Visakhapatnam as the capital.

Investors asked the Finance minister why he focused on Visakhapatnam. He clarified that the government has decided to attract IT industries and related investments to Visakhapatnam. He said that there were IT parks and other infrastructure facilities that would help the IT industry have a base in Visakha.

He clarified that the YSRC government has decided on Visakhapatnam as the next capital of AP. “That AP has three capitals is completely wrong.”

He said that the reason for choosing Visakhapatnam as the administrative capital was that infrastructure facilities were available there at the lowest cost.

The minister explained that Visakha was chosen as the capital because there were ports and industries and a good climate there.

As for Kurnool as the Judicial Capital, Rajendranath said that Kurnool is not the capital, but the Principal Bench of the High Court would be set up there. It was the government's decision to hold assembly sessions in Guntur district (Amaravati).

He said that this arrangement has been made in accordance with the aspirations of the three regions as per the Sribagh agreement.

He also said there were opportunities for large-scale investments in the IT sector in Visakhapatnam.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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