Hyderabad: Suicide bids on withdrawal day papers

TRS drama for municipal elections.

Hyderabad: There was high drama on the last day for withdrawal of nominations for the January 22 elections to municipalities and municipal corporations in the state, when some candidates, disappointed at not receiving the official nomination of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), attempted to end their lives in protest.

Incidents of Telangana Rashtra Sa-miti hopefuls attempting to take their lives after being denied the ‘B Form’ — the official document recognising a candidate as representing a party in elections — were reported from Jangaon, Medchal and Suryapet.

In the first incident, TRS party hopeful Ganga Bhavani created a scene outside the MLA’s camp office at Jangaon and threatened to take her life because she was denied the party ticket.

In Medchal, another TRS worker, Vijay, poured kerosene on himself after being denied the party nomination and threatened to set himself ablaze.

Police personnel and others present managed to bring the situation under control by pouring water on him. Other party leaders spoke with Vijay and convinced him not to take any extreme measures.

In the incident at Suryapet, party worker Abdul Rahim attempted to hang himself from the ceiling of his residence after being denied nomination from Ward No. 39.

He had already filed his nomination and launched his campaign, but on Tuesday, the TRS issued the B Form to another candidate.

Mr Rahim was rescued by his followers who stopped him from attempting to take his life.

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