Tammineni promises to quit if corruption is proven in welfare scheme implementation

The YSRC yatra saw enthusiastic cheers of “Jai Jagan... Jai Jai Jagan†slogans in the constituency on Wednesday

Visakhapatnam: Speaker Tammineni has said he would quit the post if corruption is proven in the implementation of the state’s welfare schemes. The Assembly Speaker stated this at Pathapatnam constituency during the YSRC social empowerment yatra in Srikakulam district.

The YSRC yatra saw enthusiastic cheers of “Jai Jagan... Jai Jai Jagan” slogans in the constituency on Wednesday.

The YSRC leaders in the bus yatra were greeted by a large number of people. The leaders observed various development works in the constituency and interacted with beneficiaries of the welfare schemes.

Later, Speaker Tammineni, revenue minister Dharmana Prasada, YSRC north Andhra in-charge YV Subbareddy, MLAs Reddy Shanti, Dharmana Krishnadas, Gorle Kiran, Kalavathi, Kambala Jogulu, MLC Palavalasa Vikrant and former MP Killi Kriparani attended the public meeting in Pathapatnam Junction.

"The chief minister has solved the problems of Uddanam by taking up the '750 crore clean water project," said Pathapatnam MLA Reddy Shanti. She said the CM solved the problems pending for a long time and paved the way for development of Pathapatnam.

For example, a sum of Rs 1,800 crore was sanctioned by the CM for the developmental works in the constituency. The erection of the Kakinada bridge was done in just eight months and it has eased the traffic from villages of Odisha, she noted.

Palakonda MLA Kalavati said, “CM Jagan's rule is to provide economic and social empowerment along with ensuring equality. He is very persistent in the development of the most backward areas of north Andhra. He is allocating funds on a large scale and undertaking many key projects.”

Rajam MLA Kambala Jogulu said, “The establishment of Sama Samaj was possible only with CM Jagan. He brought revolutionary changes in the fields of education, medicine and agriculture.” He urged people to acknowledge the good work the CM has done to them.

“Chandrababu’s rule, by contrast, was a period of intimidation and terror,” said Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao. Chandrababu used to appoint miscreants in the name of Janmabhoomi committees and they used to threaten the people. “Jagan Reddy is the only CM in the country who implemented welfare schemes without considerations of party, caste and religion.”

Dharmana emphasized that Jagan Reddy implemented welfare schemes worth Rs 2,40,000 crore.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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