Tummala Complains Against Puvvada's Poll Affidavit

KHAMMAM: Congress candidate Tummala Nageshwar Rao on Monday lodged a complaint with the Returning Officer (RO) of Khammam seeking rejection of the faulty election affidavit filed by minister and BRS candidate Puvvada Ajay during his nomination.

Tummala said that he would fight legally against Puvada’s poll affidavit which was not submitted in the format prescribed by the Election Commission of India.

Speaking to the media, Tummala said that the contesting candidates should fill the affidavit in the prescribed 8-column format. But Puvvada submitted an affidavit which had six columns. Moreover, there were errors in the dependent column, he alleged.

He stated that the RO said that though he had accepted the affidavit filed by Puvvada as the final competent authority, anyone who has objections over the same could go to court.

Tummala said he complained to the collector of Khammam and the Chief Election Commission of India. He would also approach the court on the same, he added.

Meanwhile, the two contenders were indulging in slanging matches by digging into their past.

Puvvada described himself as an upgraded version of the iPhone while terming Tummala as an outdated version.

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