BRS will Chase Modi Home in 2024 Elections, Says KTR

Hyderabad: “The BRS will chase Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP across India and will be the Number 1 in when it comes to sending him home after the 2024 elections,” BRS working president KT Rama Rao claimed on Monday.

Addressing a meeting of BRS workers from Sanathnagar constituency, Rama Rao, attacking the BJP and the Prime Minister, said Modi’s claims was all “baath carodon mein, kaam pakadon mein (his talk is in crores, walk is just fritters).”

The BRS, Rama Rao said, will be No. 1 in sending Modi home in 2024. “If need be, we will go across the country and campaign against him. What has Modi done? None of his promises have been kept, be in houses for the poor, jobs for the unemployed or others. He raised cooking gas prices from Rs 400 to Rs 1,200 a cylinder,” he said.

Rama Rao added: “If Modi comes back to power, ‘forget achche din, it will be sachche din (forget good days, it will be death days)’.”

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