Trouble lies ahead for TRS as dissent grows

BJP, taking advantage of confusion among leaders, MLAs.

ADILABAD: Some TRS leaders have fallen into a dilemma over whether to continue in TRS following the unwanted developments and growing dissent against the party leadership.

Second rung leaders are in a confused state as far as recent development is concerned in TRS.

The BJP, taking advantage of the failure of the party high command to initiate action against dissenting leaders and those raising their voices against the party top leadership, intensified its attack on the TRS, using the confusion among the TRS leaders and MLAs to its advantage.

Due to pressure from the party high command, however, leaders were taking back their statements made against the party high command.

Leaders expressing their disappointment before their supporters over not getting ministrerial positions in the Cabinet expansion and discussing how they have missed the ministry and the role played by their opponents have been reprimanded.

News is also making rounds in political circles that, some TRS MLAs are caught between the devil and deep blue sea and are unable to take a decision on their political future, even though they were denied ministerial and state government whip posts on which they pinned a lot of hopes.

Now, the dissident MLAs are waiting for their selection for the nominated posts of reputed corporation chairman posts and many senior leaders and MLAs are staying in the party with the hope that they will at least get nominated posts.

A senior TRS leader of Adilabad said the party is likely to face a difficult situation in the coming days as far as dissidence is concerned.

“Keeping the flock intact is going to be a tough job in the coming days,” said the leader, adding that dissidence will grow further and will not die down with many leaders not getting even nominated posts.’

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