After high-octane poll campaign, now it's yoga time for netas

Yoga is a favourite lifestyle practice among politicians after voting to relieve their tension.

Hubballi: After the hustle-bustle of the hectic campaign in the Assembly elections, leaders of all political parties have resorted to Yoga and meditation to reduce their stress.

Yoga is a favourite lifestyle practice among politicians after voting to relieve their tension. They have found it to be the best medicine to re-energize themselves as they have spent sleepless nights while touring every nook and corner of their constituencies to woo voters.

Hubballi-Dharwad twin cities have witnessed a steep rise in Yoga learners and its teachers after declaration of June 21 as Yoga Day four years ago. This has attracted several politicians who practise Yoga before leaving their home for public programmes. But many of them have stopped practising Yoga in the last few weeks because of hectic political activity and the election campaign. Due to this, they could be prone to several health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and back pain.

Now, these leaders have confined themselves to their homes and are practising Yoga after completion of the voting process. Many of them have been inviting Yoga experts to their home to seek advice on curing ailments. Political bigwigs like mines and geology minister Vinay Kulkarni and Opposition leader in the Assembly Jagadish Shettar are giving top priority to the practice of Yoga after jogging. Their teachers have suggested different Yoga postures for various health problems.

“I have been teaching various Asanas of Yoga to both minister Vinay Kulkarni and his rival and BJP candidate Amruth Desai by visiting their homes in Dharwad since the last few years. Both of them are unaware of the fact that I am teaching Yoga to their opponent too. I only focus on reducing their stress after a hectic election campaign. I also give advice about a healthy diet to their wives who also get Yoga training along with their husbands”, said Manjunath Hugar, the Yoga teacher from GK Jadhav Yoga and Stress Management Centre, Dharwad.

Yoga experts claim that politicians prefer to practise Yoga to cure their ailments instead of taking medicines as they have realized that consumption of drugs has side effects. They also feel that Yoga has been attracting Muslims and other minority communities as well. Many politicians practice meditation and Pranayama to deal with depression, anger and the fear of losing the elections.

“I had stopped Yoga since the last one month as I used to sleep late after spending the whole day with the people of my constituency due to Assembly elections. Now, I will start practicing Yoga again as it helps me to ensure peace of mind and good health. Yoga postures coupled with breathing and meditation will bring positive changes in the body and improves my psychological well-being”, BJP candidate Amruth Desai said.

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