Telangana Congress MLAs plan en masse resignations

Mr Jana Reddy and TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy had contacted the high command on this issue.

HYDERABAD: After the expulsion of two MLAs, Telangana Congress MLAs are planning to resign en masse. After the suspension from the House, Congress MLAs held a meeting with Congress Legislature Party (CLP), under the chairmanship of Opposition leader K. Jana Reddy, to discuss the future course of action. They discussed two issues, mainly to take up an indefinite hunger strike by all expelled, suspended MLAs and MLCs and the ot-her one is mass resignation.

Mr Jana Reddy and TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy had contacted the hi-gh command on this issue.

According to sources, exp-elled Congress MLA Komat-ireddy Venkata Reddy said that he will face the byelection and do not want to take legal action on this issue.

Then other MLAs said that why the only two MLAs should face the byelections, the remaining 11 MLAs sh-ould also resign and face the byelection. They expressed hope that all will win in the bypolls as people are very angry with the TRS government.

They opined that as there is more than a year left for the tenure of the House, if all of them will resign, the Election Commission will have to conduct the byelection within six months.

Sources said that Mr Utt-am Kumar Reddy and Mr Jana Reddy have contacted AICC president Rahul Gan-dhi’s office to inform their proposal to Mr Gandhi to ta-ke his permission to resign. But till Tuesday evening, they did not get any direction from the AICC president. A senior Congress MLA said that once the high command gives the green signal, all the Congress MLAs will resign and go for the byelections.

Congress had 13 MLAs and two of them were ex-pelled from the House and now, 11 MLAs are left with the Congress.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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