In Goa, BJP stole the show as Congress bickered over CM post

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has alleged foul play and claimed 'BJP is misusing money for power'.

Panaji: Congress, which emerged as the single largest party in Goa, failed to take advantage of the numbers and seek support of the regional parties to stake claim to form government in the state, because its members were busy bickering over who would get the post of Chief Minister.

According to NDTV, the BJP in contrast, despite having won only 13 of the 40 seats, as against Congress’ 17, moved swiftly and had already decided that Manohar Parrikar would return to Goa. It began negotiations on Sunday, a day after the poll results were announced, gathered support of the regional parties and independent candidates and staked claim to form government.

BJP leader in-charge of Goa Nitin Gadkari held meetings with leaders of regional parties and Independent legislators at a five-star hotel on Sunday.

With the support of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party or MGP, the Goa Forward and two Independent candidates, former defence minister Parrikar on Sunday met the Goa Governor, who invited him to form government.

Parrikar resigned as the Union Defence Minister on Monday.

"Immediately after the result, party president Amit Shah asked me to rush to Goa. I reached at midnight and called a meeting of our office bearers and leaders with Manohar Parrikar. At the same time we called leaders of different parties and independent members. There were a lot of problems in coming to the conclusion but the round of meetings took place up to 5 am on Sunday in the morning. And next day also we discussed," Gandkari told the news channel.

While the BJP took a swift decision on government formation in Goa, the Congress “was busy in Goa with five to six candidates claiming leadership. So they did not have time to discuss with alliance partners,” he added.

The delay in decision-making upset the Goa Congress MLAs, who have accused the top leadership, including Goa in-charge Digvijaya Singh, of "mismanagement". Goa MLA Jennifer Monserrate blamed the Congress’ “Delhi leaders” for the delay in decision-making.

At the same time, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who should have at the forefront in Goa to ensure the party takes advantage of winning majority in the state, was nowhere to be seen until Tuesday.

Neither did he address the media, nor did he meet his party members in Goa. When he spoke on Tuesday, it was too late; the BJP had already staked claim. The Congress is now crying foul, with Rahul claiming, “BJP is misusing money for power”.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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