Telangana Model, A Shining Example of Financial Mismanagement Under KCR, Says BJP

This vitriolic attack asking KCR to pack up by BJP belies the apprehension that it might go soft on BRS after a change in state leadership

Taking note of the recent reports published in Deccan Chronicle on multiple sections of government staff either already resorting to strike or planning to go on one, over non payment of salaries/arrears due for more than 6 months & around 6000 child labourers employed in industries majority of them being forced to work as bonded labourers, BJP Leaders took to twitter to slam the BRS government under the leadership of KCR. They accused KCR behaving like a “Dora” Telugu word for a feudal lord, treating Telangana as his personal fiefdom to fill up his personal coffers resulting in fiduciary mismanagement of the state.

G Kishan Reddy, Secunderabad MP, Union Minister and the BJP State President for Telangana tweeted, “Is this Bangaru Telangana KCR has promised?”

His tweet was accompanied with screenshots of the various reports with caption

Sad state of Telangana in KCR rule.

  1. Panchayat Workers’ protest
  2. Mid-day meal cooks’ protest
  3. Delay and non-payment of salaries to Govt employees
  4. Child labour in Telangana industries

Amit Malviya, in-charge of BJP IT cell tweeted, “KCR’s Telangana Model? Sanitation staff is on strike, villages are stinking...Power staff is demanding that salaries be paid on time. Mid Day meal cooks, after failing to get Govt. attention, plan a ‘Chalo Hyderabad’ agitation. Professors, suffering under BRS, pray for the Govt to change... Unemployment and widespread misery has led to sharp increase in participation of underage children in labour force... Telangana is in a royal mess with KCR and family looting the resources with both hands and pushed the state in utter chaos.”

Sunil Bansal, BJP General Secretary and election in-charge of Telangana tweeted, “The financial situation in Telangana is in such a bad shape that,

-Salaries are not being paid on time to power department employees.

-Sanitation workers have not been paid for over 6 months.

-Mid Day Meal workers are protesting on the streets demanding the release of pending bills and salary hikes.

The list goes on... Meanwhile, KCR travels across the country, painting a glossy picture of his government. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee,Dora.”


This vitriolic attack asking KCR to pack up by BJP belies the apprehension that it might go soft on BRS after a change in the state leadership earlier this month.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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