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Scams show TS land data security breach

Deccan Chronicle.| N VAMSI SRINIVAS

Published on: April 12, 2022 | Updated on: April 13, 2022

The certified document of the sale deed released from the same office varied on different occasions

King Koti Pakace   DC file image

King Koti Pakace DC file image

Hyderabad: Crucial data pertaining to properties in Telangana seem to be severely compromised, what with corrupt officials of the stamps and registration department issuing certificates that suit the fraudsters’ requirements.

The latest controversial cases, of the state government forgoing its right over Rs 1,500-crore parcel of land at Shaikpet and attempts to gain forcible entry into King Koti palace, made clear the startling data breach.

Evidence available with Deccan Chronicle showed that the office of district registrar, Hyderabad, issued a certified copy of the purported sale deed, which was executed in 1954 in favour of Sakku Bai, that formed the base for the SN Cooperative Housing Society to claim ownership of 30 acres, in different years.

According to the society, the sale deed mentioned that the land was situated in Survey No. 327 paiki (old), whereas all other government records showed that the land was in Survey No. 327 which is a government land.

The certified document of the sale deed released from the same office varied on different occasions. For instance, the certified copy obtained a few days ago had mentioned that the Survey number of the land that figured in the sale deed was 327 but the one issued a few years ago showed Survey No. as 327 paiki.
"Whenever office-bearers of the adjacent Osmania University Colony applied for a certified copy, the registration officials issued the document that mentions the Sy No as 327 paiki. The document submitted to the GHMC also had 327 paiki as the survey number. But, the documents, when applied by others, mention only Survey No. 327," sources said.

In case of King Koti palace, the encumbrance certificate (EC) downloaded from the department portal on August 1, 2019, showed that the sale deed between Neeharika Infrastructure and Iris Hospitality was executed on January 28, 2019, presented on the same day in the sub-registrar office and registered on May 22.

But, the EC available in the website on August 27 showed that the sale deed was executed on January 28, 2019, but presented on May 21 of the same year and registered on the next day.

"The document was originally presented on May 21 but they cooked up data to show as if it was presented way back in January 28. When we filed a police complaint against the two directors who executed the sale deed fraudulently, the stamps officials, apparently fearing police a case, changed the EC data to reflect that the document was presented only on May 21," counsel of Neeharika explained in an affidavit filed before the High Court.

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