Vasalamarri exposes CMs lack of credibility, says Gudur

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | dc correspondent

12 December 2022

HYDERABAD: Senior BJP leader Gudur Narayana Reddy on Monday said Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has proved once again that he was not a man of his words.

The BJP leader recalled that the Chief Minister had vowed to develop Vasalamarri village in Yadadri district with Rs 150 crores, but he has brazenly reneged on his word.

“The Chief Minister has announced that he would adopt the village in November 2020, to develop in all aspects. However, so far no work has been taken up in this direction though two years has gone by. The villagers are still waiting for the development of the village,” he said.

He said the Chief Minister had announced that he would turn Vasalamarri into a Golden Vasalamarri in one year but now forgot his word. "This is a fine example about how the CM makes promises and forgets them conveniently."

Gudur said that Vasalamarri episode has exposed the true nature of the Chief Minister.

He said that any announcement or promise would be an electoral gimmick and he would not hesitate to forget them or go back on promises after his purposes are served.

Gudur also said that Chandrashekar Rao is an illusionist and a headline grabber. By making false statements the CM tries to attract the attention of the people easily.

“In fact adopting a village or an area has become a fashion for the TRS leaders. They make statements of adoption of a village and area and never look back,” said the BJP leader.

He said the CM promised that the Vasalamarri village would be turned into a model village, employment would be provided to all the unemployed, houses would be built for the homeless, and new agriculture practices would be introduced. But none of these promises were kept.

Though the Chief Minister has appointed district collector as special officer to oversee the development of the village, so far no work has been taken up, said the BJP leader.

Not only in the case of Vasalamarri, the BJP leader said the Chief Minister reneged on several promises he has made in the past.

"They promised to make Dalit as Chief Minister, distribution of three acres to each Dalit family, one job to each home, reservations as per the ratio of the population etc."

He urged the people to take notice of the deceitful nature of the Chief Minister and not to be get deceived. He wanted them to teach a lesson to the CM for his indifferent attitude when the opportunity comes.

He said that the BJP would come to power under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and state BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar in the state and would establish Ram Rajya in the state.

The BJP would not make false promises and would strive for the development all the sections of the people of the state genuinely. He said that the BJP would not go back on its promises and would keep them come what may.

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