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Leaders insist on protecting Adivasi culture and pay tributes to Haimendorf couple

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Published on: January 11, 2022 | Updated on: January 12, 2022

Leaders recalled the contributions Christoph Von Furer Haimendorf made to the empowerment of the Adivasis through his writings & reports



MARLAVAI (KOMARAM BHEEM ASIFABAD): Adivasi leaders and elected representatives on Tuesday stressed on unity among the Adivasis and efforts to protect their culture.

The leaders were speaking after paying rich tributes to anthropologist Christoph Von Furer Haimendorf and Betty Elizabeth on their 35th death anniversary at Marlavai in Jainoor mandal.

Zilla Parishad chairperson Kova Laxmi, MLA Atram Sakku, Padma Shri Kanaka Raju, Telangana state women’s commission member Kumra Eshwari Bai,  Grandalaya Samsta chairman Kanaka Yadav and ITDA Utnoor project officer Ankith as also additional collector Varun Reddy and Congress leader Vedma Bojju, Dr. Ganesh Jadhav,  Chunchu Ramakrishna and Laxmi also paid rich tributes to the Haimendorf couple.

The leaders recalled the great contributions Christoph Von Furer Haimendorf made to the empowerment of the Adivasis through his writings and reports and his advice to the then Nizam government. A book titled Cheyyavalasinadinkentho…. ( Telugu translation of two reports written by Christoph Von Furer Haimendorf) was released at the event.

Leaders appealed to the Adivasi youth to follow the footsteps of  Haimendorf to achieve their goals in education and employment.  

The ‘Koya Punnem’ National Pracharak  Kudimetha Vikas said it was high time for the Adivasi to protect their unique culture without getting influenced by other cultures and added that even Haimendorf was fond of the Adivasi culture and respected it in his lifetime.

He called upon the Adivasis to seek a separate religion code for Adivasis in the Census. Otherwise, the Adivasi will be categorized under ‘other religions’, it was cautioned.

Rela Ravi enlightened the Adivasis present there about their unique culture through his songs. Sarpanch Kanaka Pratibha and Venkatesh, senior Adivasi leaders Sidam Arju, Prahladh Sidam, Rahul Kanake, Sudhakar, Marsakola Tirupati, Sedmaki Seetharam, writer and film maker Sumanaspati Reddy and writer and translator Lalitha were also present.

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