Bijapur MLA opposes reservation for Muslims

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | Gururaj A Paniyadi

11 October 2022

Seeks minority status for Brahmin community

VIJAYAPURA: Bijapur City MLA Basangouda Patil Yatnal on Monday strongly opposed the reservation for Muslims under 2A Category and insisted that the Brahmins be included in the minority list.

“Muslims are getting the benefit of reservation under minority quota as well as 2A category. The reservation under the 2A category should be stopped for them. This has been taken up seriously at the government level,” Yatnal told reporters at Vijayapura on Monday.

“They should not get benefits from two sides. No community should be allowed to get benefits like this. Instead, the reservation for other communities under the backward class should be increased. We have held discussions with the Chief Minister. We are hopeful that the government will take necessary steps soon,” he said.

Yatnal also batted for the minority status for Brahmins.

“Brahmins are about 2-3 percent of population and thus they are the real minorities. They should be included in the minority list. Muslims are not minorities. How can they be minorities?” he questioned.

Alleging that some of them took advantage of the reservation and participated in anti-national activities, Yatnal asked the government to stop all reservations of such elements.

“If those who support Pakistan and those who are involved in anti-national activities want a reservation, they can go to Pakistan,” he added.

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