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Telangana Governor holds first Mahila Darbar

Deccan Chronicle.| Balu Pulipaka

Published on: June 10, 2022 | Updated on: June 11, 2022

Tamilisai says those criticising me should first respect Constitution

Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan interacts to an old lady during Mahila Darbar as a part of Praja Darbar' held at Raj Bhavan on Friday. (Image: DC)

Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan interacts to an old lady during Mahila Darbar as a part of Praja Darbar' held at Raj Bhavan on Friday. (Image: DC)

Hyderabad: Telangana Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan on Friday said those who were dubbing her activities as unconstitutional, should first follow the Constitution and then decide what is unconstitutional.

Speaking with reporters at the Raj Bhavan where she held a Mahila Darbar, an event which saw more than 400 women submit their memoranda and complaints, Dr Soundararajan said, "Some critics say how Raj Bhavan can conduct this. Each and every public office is for people whether it is that of a panchayat president or that of the Governor."

To a question on TRS leaders calling the Darbar unconstitutional, she said: "Let them call whatever they want, any other words also they want they can use. But when they say it is unconstitutional then they have to respect the Constitution first. But the Constitutional office is not respected, what to do?"

On the Darbar, which by all indications was a hit with the women, she said the response was overwhelming. Several of the petitions that seek some monetary help, or referrals to hospitals, will be dealt with by her office, she said, adding the rest will be sent to the government for redressal. She said she hopes the government will address the issues raised by the petitioners. "I am asking in a very very very friendly manner," she said.

Dr Soundararajan reiterated that she wanted to be a "catalyst, a bridge between the people and the government. "I am very clear in that. There are no politics in this. I wanted to hear the unheard voices," she said.

The Governor said that as a woman, she could understand the problems faced by women. There may be some inhibitions for women to approach a politician.

"The women have hope on the Constitutional office and they may approach me. There should be an easily approachable public forum. When a person is willing to serve the people of Telangana, why it this be denied is my simple question," she said.

On the government considering making the Chief Minister the Chancellor of universities, she laughed and said "Chief Ministers are not doing what they should do. Then they want added responsibilities, Let them first do all the work assigned to them. If the CM wants everything, OK no problems. It is democracy you see."

On bridging the gap between the Raj Bhavan and Pragati Bhavan, the Governor said with a laugh: "Succesfully on June 2 we completed one year of not meeting with each other." She added that the Chief Minister send her greetings on her birthday.

Dr Soundararajan also rejected the contention that there was a case for President’s rule in the state as sought by some political parties. She said "I always respect democratically elected governments and the democratically elected government should respond to the request of the Constitutional office too."

She referred to the breach of protocol by the government with her, and said this, however, "is not halting my activities."

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