JNU students are opportunists', allege BJP leaders

They don't take a stand and are broken from within.'

New Delhi: Alleging that JNU students are "opportunists", BJP leaders on Thursday charged leftist student parties in the university of being "anti-national".

During a discussion in the university, Rameshwar Chaurasia, ex BJP MLA from Bihar, said that "nationalist verses anti-national has become an issue of debate in the country today".

BJP leader Sandeep Mahapatra, who has been the president of the student union in the university said "the word 'aazadi' has been used a lot." He said "their slogans against hunger, feudality are only empty.

Dr Amit Singh, who is a faculty member of the university, stated "according a survey, sexual harassment in JNU is highest. We need to do positive criticism of the university."

The leaders were invited by the ABVP.

Dr Shiv Shakti, who is the editor of Kamal Sandesh said "JNU's image has been damaged to an irreparable extent because of these students."

"Calling them opportunists," he said, "they don't take a stand and are broken from within".

( Source : PTI )
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