Vikram Goud resigns from BJP

Hyderabad: Vikram Goud, BJP MLA seat aspirant from Goshamahal, quit the party on Thursday, alleging that he was not rewarded for his work for the party during the GHMC polls. The son of the late senior Congress leader Mukesh Goud is headed towards the Congress.

Vikram Goud told Deccan Chronicle: “This is a homecoming for me as I belong to the larger Congress family. I am joining the party without any assurances on posts and will work for the party in any capacity. There was no respect in the BJP and have quit it.”

In a release, he said, “Despite lofty claims of being a party with discipline the leaders can be found to be violating discipline, hurling abuses at each other, but the leadership is only playing the role of a spectator. Those who joined the BJP with the aim of unseating the BRS have been left without posts while those without any influence among the people are being allowed to have a say over us. Such people are trying to distance us from the electoral arena.”

“The way the BJP conducted itself it did not look like it cared to come to power. They did not take those who had expected seats and were taken into confidence indicating the lack of leadership. Despite last minute changes in bringing in a candidate who was suspended in the assembly polls we had worked for the victory of the party,” Vikram Goud said.

Expressing dismay that the efforts of the committed workers are going waste, he alleged those who are into group politics like him are losing out.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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