Poll Code: BRS, Congress erect posters on public property

Hyderabad: The Election Commission of India has announced the poll schedule for five states, including Telangana, in the country.

The poll code or the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect once the notification for the elections is declared. The code includes a set of guidelines which the political parties and the candidates should follow in the run up to the elections.

According to the model code of conduct, no political party or candidate shall be allowed to erect their posters on public property.

However, the ruling party, BRS, had erected a banner atop the Nanakramguda bus stop in Hyderabad with Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao's image, claiming that Telangana is the seed hub of the country. This has not been removed even after the election code has come into effect.

Meanwhile, the Congress has put up its poster on the wall of the flyover at Nanakramguda seeking votes from the electorate highlighting its six guarantees.

Even the flyover is public property and it should not be defaced with posters and banners but the political parties are conveniently breaking the poll code with impunity.

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