Wait for board posts gets longer in Karnataka

Mangaluru: As anticipation surges among Congress leaders and party members following their triumphant victory with 135 seats in the recent Assembly election, it seems they will have to wait a few more months for appointments to the Boards and Corporations.

The process of appointments for all the the Boards and Corporations in the state is doubtful until the upcoming Parliament elections.
The decision to hold off on these appointments is aligned with the forthcoming Parliament elections.

The victory in the Assembly election had infused new vigor and optimism into the ranks of Congress, triggering lobbying for key positions in Government Boards and Corporations. However, senior party figures have indicated that these appointments are unlikely to materialize prior to the Parliamentary polls.

"The party is grappling with heightened expectations and an influx of aspirants. Making appointments before the election could lead to internal discontent, potentially impeding party unity and effectiveness. To avoid this, the party is likely to delay appointments until after the General Elections next year," a party leader told Deccan Chronicle.

He stated that in the event the party deems it absolutely essential, appointments to specific Boards and Corporations might be considered. During the initial phase, priority may be given to MLAs and MLCs who were not included in the cabinet.

Given that Congress only secured 1 out of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka in the 2019 Parliament elections, the party is now setting its sights on obtaining between 15 and 20 seats this time. Consequently, party leaders are keen on avoiding any unnecessary risks.

In the meantime, sources reveal that party leaders have initiated the process of gathering feedback from leaders regarding the party performance in their respective booths in the recent Assembly elections.

"This exercise serves both as preparation for the Lok Sabha elections and as a means to assess the influence of these leaders within their specific booths. It will provide the party with a comprehensive understanding of the leaders' strengths when they seek any position," stated a senior party worker.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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