VH draws parallels between Bharat Jodo and Rajiv’s Sadbhavana yatra

Hyderabad: Drawing parallels with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Sadbhavana Yatra of October 1990 and Bharat Jodo Yatra being undertaken by his son Rahul Gandhi, former MP V. Hanumantha Rao called upon weaker sections to work for its success.

In a media statement, Hanumantha Rao felt that the way Rahul Gandhi’s initiative was being welcomed by a cross-section of society, the BJP leadership appeared to be frustrated.

“I believe that Rahul Gandhi, who is now a transformed personality, is the right choice for the AICC president’s post. Under his leadership the secular forces will once again unite. Since the BJP is trying to transform the country like another East India Company, it’s high time that weaker sections unite and actively take part in this movement,” Hanumantha Rao said.

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