BJP, TD at loggerheads over AP special status

Leaders attacking each other over Central funds.

Nellore: BJP and TD leaders at loggerheads in Nellore City following criticism against each other over special status issue. Unlike in other parts of state BJP leaders are on an attacking mode and even daring TD to snap the ties if they continue rebuking BJP government for special status.

In BJP, the party senior leader and state General Secretary Sannapareddy Suresh Reddy is on the forefront to take on TD on frequent intervals without mincing any words and he justifies his stand pointing to adverse comments of some TD leaders against the centre and prime minister on special status issue.

He said their primary duty is to fight for the ca-use of the people against the government even tho-ugh they are in alliance with the ruling party and maintains that his stance is not different from their party principles.

Not only Suresh Reddy another senior leader and state executive functionary from Nellore K. Anjaneya Reddy had also fumed against TD for undue powers given to Janmabhoomi committ-ees and their interference with respect to welfare schemes.

He even predicted the fall of TD government in future if they continue with the Committees. Though TD local leader were ignoring these outbursts, the recent media conference of Suresh Re-ddy where he dwelt at le-ngth on corruption in TD government, led TD City segment president Kot-amreddy Srinivasulu Re-ddy to come down heavily against Suresh Reddy during press meet on Sunday.

Taking strong objection to corruption charges ag-ainst government, Kot-amreddy slammed Sure-sh Reddy for criticising the state on daily basis. He warned they will be compelled to expose his misdeeds if Suresh Red-dy continue level charges against the state.

He challenged BJP to contest without alliance to know their strength.
In response to Srinivasulu Reddy's outburst, Suresh Reddy said that he
was countering the statements of some TD leaders against centre over
special status issue and they are not afraid of warnings.

Reminding that even union minister Ashok Gajapati Raju has attributed
the problem in allotting special status to objection raised by three chief ministers, he justified his comments against those targeting the centre.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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