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'Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala': Modi accuses Congress of looting the poor

Published Apr 10, 2019, 12:22 pm IST
Updated Apr 10, 2019, 2:08 pm IST
Touching upon the national security, Modi also attacked Congress leaders supporting those who want to separate J&K from India.
Taking a dig at the 'corrupt' character of the Congress, Modi alleged that another scam has been added to the list of the party. (Photo: ANI)
 Taking a dig at the 'corrupt' character of the Congress, Modi alleged that another scam has been added to the list of the party. (Photo: ANI)

Junagarh: Advertising the work done by the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in the last five years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi affirmed that people were proud of him for giving a corruption-free regime to India.

Addressing a political rally in Junagarh, Gujarat, on Wednesday, Modi said, "I have come here to give an account of the work done in five years... I have come here to take your order for the next five years... Are you proud of the work done by your son, this chowkidar?"


On national security, Modi attacked Congress leaders for supporting those who want a separate Jammu and Kashmir and a separate Prime Minister for them.

Taking a dig at the "corrupt nature" of the Congress, and on the recent raids on the party's leaders, Modi alleged that another scam had been added to their list. "A new scam, along with evidence, has been added to the account of Congress leaders -- the Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala," Modi said.

Modi accused the Congress of looting money meant for the poor and pregnant women. "First, Karnataka was an ATM for the Congress, now MP has also become an ATM," he said.


Following the same tone, Union Minister Finance Minister Arun Jaitely attacked Opposition for calling any action against corruption as political vendetta.

In the blog titled, ''Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta," Jaitely lashed out at the most promising scheme of the Congress.


"This is the hypocrisy of Indian politics. After inflicting injustice they have the audacity to speak of Nyay," Jaitely wrote in the blog.

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Location: India, Gujarat, Junagadh