Assam CM Biswa Sarma criticises KCR, says nothing to learn from him

Sarma noted that the unemployed youth in Telangana were in the forefront of the struggle for achieving statehood and they were being ignored

Hanamkonda: Assam is a very small state compared to Telangana and its GDP is also less than that of the TS. But, when the Assam government gave one lakh jobs to youths in a year after the BJP took power, why could the Telangana government not do as much, asked Assam chief minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma here on Sunday.

Sarma noted that the unemployed youth in Telangana were in the forefront of the struggle for achieving statehood and they were being ignored by the TRS government.

The Assam CM was participating in a protest organised by TS employees and teachers seeking withdrawal of GO-317. The event held at a function hall in Hanamkonda district also saw the participation of BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay, Huzurabad MLA Etela Rajendar and OBC Morcha national president K Laxman.

Biswa Sarma alleged that KCR was ruling the state using his police and money power, but “he forgot that money and police power will not work in front of the people’s power” as was proven in the recent Huzurabad assembly by-election.

Even after spending more than 500 crore, the TRS was humbled by BJP nominee and former state health minister Etala in the by-polls, he pointed out.
“I came to Telangana state to learn something from CM KCR, but found after coming here that there is nothing to learn from him. The TRS government is working against the employees, teachers and the youths,” he said.

“When prime minister Modi is sacrificing his life for the nation, chief minister Rao is only striving hard to make his son the next CM,” the Assam CM said.

Sarma said, “Now, KCR joined hands with the left parties that had opposed the formation of a separate Telangana state. People are no more going to trust the CM. He is not bothered about people’s issues and is working only to make money for his family members. The people are fed up. It will be the BJP that would form the government here after the 2023 assembly elections.”

Bandi Sanjay said that when BJP fought for the rights of the employees and teachers, “the CM is using the police power and registering false cases against me and other BJP leaders and sending us to jail." BJP leaders "are not afraid of going to jail for the sake of the people and we are not going to leave KCR and his family alone. We will send him to jail no matter where he hides,” Bandi warned.

He said PM Modi called him and appreciated the BJP state unit for extending its support to the employees and teachers and “the PM has asked us to continue fighting against the TRS government on people's issues.”

As soon as the BJP forms a government after the 2023 assembly elections, it will throw GO-317 into the dust bin, he said.

“KCR is afraid of BJP’s agitations. There is nobody to support him in the state. That is why he is joining hands with the left parties though he had been criticising these parties till yesterday. KCR wanted to support China, which is against India. As part of this endeavour, he is joining hands with the Communists,” he alleged.

Huzurabad MLA Etela Rajendar said, “The TRS government is about to sink. It may not continue until the 2023 assembly elections and there is a possibility of assembly polls before 2023," he said.

“Using police power, KCR is trying to harass rival political leaders and the media. By lodging false cases, he is sending them to jail. How-so-ever KCR tries to suppress the movement, he would face equally strong protests. The same scene that evolved against the TRS in Huzurabad will be repeated across Telangana state. People are ready to organise a funeral for the TRS party,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police department beefed up security in Hanamkonda in view of the visit of Assam chief minister and state BJP leaders to prevent any incident.

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