KCR in conspiracy to split anti-BRS votes: Bandi Sanjay

karimnagar: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is conspiring to split the anti-BRS votes in the assembly elections so as to return to power for a third time, alleged BJP candidate for Karimnagar, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, on Wednesday.

He was participating in the BJP election campaign for the assembly polls in Karimnagar.

Sanjay Kumar claimed, “Under the rule of the BRS government, not only the people of Karimnagar but also across the state are facing a lot of problems. BRS leaders indulged in land grabbing, drug rackets and a commissions raj through mafia-level activities.”

“There is more negativity towards the BRS party candidate and local MLA Gangula Kamalakar in Karimnagar,” the rival candidate alleged.

Sanjay Kumar said the BRS leaders were working hard to “defeat” Kamalakar because they too “are vexed” at his record of being a ‘corrupt’ leader. “That is why, with the money given by KCR, the Congress party allotted tickets to such a candidate to sell him to the BRS after winning the elections.”

“People should not get fooled by the gimmicks played by the BRS and Congress parties, and should not split the anti-BRS votes. They must remember that if the BJP forms the government, a BC leader will become the chief minister. He will understand the problems of the weaker sections of the people,” he claimed.

Later participating in the campaign in support of the Manakondur BJP candidate Arepally Mohan, Bandi Sanjay said Mohan was “pucca local” a candidate, unlike the BRS candidate Ramamayee Balakishan and has a total awareness on the constituency.”

“If you people would bless him, he will develop the constituency in all sectors.”

As regards several road issues in the constituencies, the people are unhappy with the sitting BRS MLAs. “All the developmental activities and welfare programmes in Telangana are taking place with the funds released by the BJP government,” he claimed.

Sanjay Kumar said the three parties -- MIM, Congress and BRS— were jointly trying to form the next government and loot the state. “It is the time for the people to bury all these three parties and support the BJP,” he proposed.

Sanjay Kumar later left for Naryanapet to campaign for the party candidate there by a helicopter.

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