Minister Roja to fight legal battle against Bandaru

Chorus of protest from actresses over \"derogatory\" remark

Vijayawada: Tourism Minister RK Roja is planning a legal battle against Telugu Desam leader Bandaru Satyanarayana over his allegedly derogatory remarks against her.

“I am targeted by the TD to divert people’s attention from Chandrababu’s corruption. Chandrababu was found guilty of corruption and he went to jail. The TD leaders got mad over this,” the minister said on Sunday.

Roja said TD leaders were insulting women leaders. Satyanarayana won elections with the votes of women. His derogatory comments proved he did not respect women in his own family and in his constituency, she said.

She said, “Bandaru Satyanarayana spoke in a mean manner. No one ever talked about a woman this way. I will go to court and teach a befitting lesson to men like Bandaru,” she said, adding, “Pests like Bandaru Satyanarayana should be eradicated. I will fight legally and will go to the Supreme Court.”

Maharashtra MP and actress Navneet Kaur, veteran actress Ramya Krishnan, Khushbu Sundar, Kavitha, Radhika and Meena condemned Satyanarayana’s remarks and expressed solidarity with minister Roja.

Actress Radhika Sarath Kumar took to 'X' and condemned the “derogatory statements” of the TD leader. Actress Khushbu Sundar condemned the “misogynistic mindset” of Bandaru and demanded a public apology.

Ramya Krishnan, announcing her support to Roja, condemned the comments. Actress Meena Sagar said, " It's a shame this man is attempting the character assassination of a successful woman. Roja is my good friend. It is clear that he is jealous of women's success, but today's women are not weak. We will fight against Satyanarayana's comments."

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