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'Bahut Jhooth Party': Congress dubs BJP over Rahul Gandhi citizenship row

Published May 9, 2019, 8:28 pm IST
Updated May 9, 2019, 8:31 pm IST
The Congress leader claimed that the BJP is spreading lies as it foresees defeat in the election.
Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.  (Photo: ANI twitter)
 Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi. (Photo: ANI twitter)

New Delhi: Congress on Thursday accused the ruling BJP of spreading lies over its president Rahul Gandhi's citizenship and dubbed it as "Bahut Jhooth Party" after the Supreme Court dismissed a plea seeking a ban on Gandhi from contesting polls over his alleged British nationality.

"They had brought this issue through Manohar Lal Sharma petition which was dismissed in the court. They raised it through Lal Krishna Advani-led Ethics committee. They set up yet another proxy which went to the Supreme Court. Modi and his government will try to rise from the ashes on this issue," Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said at a press conference here.


Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a "master of disinformation", Singhvi said, "The master of disinformation, MODI, and Bahut Jhooth Party will try to spread disinformation."

The Congress leader claimed that the BJP is spreading lies as it foresees defeat in the election.

"People of India know that when a citizenship issue is brought in the middle of April-May elections after five years in power with not a shred of legal or factual finding against Rahul Gandhi. We know that you are proving your frustration. The certainty of defeat is imprinted on your heart," he said.


Singhvi slammed the PM for dragging former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's name into election campaigning.

"You attacked Rajiv Gandhi on Bofors omitting the mention of the February 4, 2004, judgement. You never appealed (in the court) because you knew there was nothing to appeal. Technically, you appealed after 14 years in 2018, but it was dismissed by the top court," he said.

"I cannot imagine how a PM can talk about a PM who was dead 30 years ago and his purported visit on a naval ship. Does this PM not know that nobody can set foot unless it is an official trip? What relation does it have in 2019?" he added.


Addressing an election rally in UP on May 4, Modi had hit out at the Congress president, saying: "Your father was termed 'Mr Clean' by his courtiers, but his life ended as 'Bhrashtachari No 1'."

Singhvi also accused Modi of spreading lies about a trip by Rajiv Gandhi using a naval ship during his tenure as Prime Minister.

He said: "As far as the naval issue is concerned, you (PM Modi) already have the rebuttals coming across the nation from people much more knowledgeable than you - retired admirals. All that proves at the end is (you speak) lies."


PM Modi on Wednesday said that INS Virat was used as a "personal taxi" by Gandhi family for 10 days while they were vacationing on an island.

Addressing a rally in New Delhi, he had said: "Even Navy personnel were put on service of Rajiv Gandhi and his family while they were vacationing at an island. INS Virat was also stationed at the island for 10 days during that time. At a time when INS Virat was positioned for protection of maritime boundaries, it was sent to take Rajiv Gandhi and his family to an island for their holiday."


Singhvi alleged that PM Modi had degraded the dignity of the Prime Minister's office by hurling accusations against Rajiv Gandhi.

"It is nothing but attempts to hide his failure. It is an abject acceptance and surrender to defeat. But in the process he has degraded the dignity of the office of the Prime Minister," he concluded.

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