Jobs, jobs, jobs... where are they, Mr PM?'

Mr Rahul Gandhi said that Mr Modi should explain to the people of Karnataka why a corrupt leader who went to jail

Bengaluru: Equating Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump with ‘reactionary leaders’ of the world, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday observed that unemployed and angry youth had voted these leaders to power.

Participating in an interaction with entrepreneurs and intellectuals here, Mr Gandhi said that the BJP and RSS were able to function because Indian youth are angry as the system was unable to give them jobs.

“We need to create jobs to bring down the anger among youngsters. The present Indian system is unable to give them jobs because we are struggling to compete against China. It is pretty much impossible even for the Western world to compete with the Chinese on blue collar jobs,” he argued.

The Congress president contended that until India solved the employment problem and was able to compete effectively with the Chinese, there would be anger in society.

“India is unable to compete with China because the entire focus of job creation revolved around 10 or 15 rich people. If you look at the NPAs (Non Performing Assets) and analyse who gets Rs 10 lakh crore, you will find that they are basically 10 to 15 people,” he said and emphasised that small and medium businesses should be encouraged as they can be major job creators.

Mr Gandhi also asserted that his party was fighting against those trying to disrupt the liberal and peaceful atmosphere that existed in the country.

Drawing a comparison between the RSS and pro-minority outfits, he said that their agenda was to come to power, and then capture institutions. The Congress president contended that the RSS here and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey are doing the same thing.

“The RSS and Muslim Brotherhood do not see elections the way we see them. We win an election and we are okay with losing an election but the BJP and the RSS see elections as a way to enter and capture every single institution in the country,” he said.

Later speaking to reporters, Mr Rahul Gandhi said that Mr Modi should explain to the people of Karnataka why a corrupt leader who went to jail, was made the BJP's chief ministerial candidate.

“People of Karnataka want to know, why Mr Modi could not find a non-corrupt chief ministerial candidate? They also want to know why Mr Modi has given eight tickets to the tainted Reddy brothers who have stolen Rs 35,000 crore from the people of Karnataka,” he questioned angrily.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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