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Harish Rao presents mega State Budget

Deccan Chronicle.| L Venkat Ram Reddy

Published on: March 7, 2022 | Updated on: March 8, 2022

Rs 2.56 lakh crore KCR mark budget' has huge shares for CM's pet schemes

New schemes include KCR nutrition kits, Rs 3 lakh aid to construct houses for poor families that own plots, one lakh subsidised motorcycles to construction workers etc.   DC Image

New schemes include KCR nutrition kits, Rs 3 lakh aid to construct houses for poor families that own plots, one lakh subsidised motorcycles to construction workers etc. DC Image

HYDERABAD: Finance minister T. Harish Rao on Monday presented a ‘KCR mark budget’ with higher allocations to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) government’s flagship schemes and a revenue surplus of `3,754 crore, in the Legislative Assembly.

The total budget outlay has been pegged at Rs 2.56 lakh crore, up from last year's budget of Rs 2.31 lakh crore. The revenue expenditure has been estimated at Rs 1.89 lakh crore and capital expenditure at Rs 29,728 crore. The revenue receipts were estimated at Rs 1,93,029.40 crore and expenditure at `1,89,274.82 crore, indicating revenue surplus of Rs 3,754.58 crore.

The Dalit Bandhu scheme got the highest allocation of Rs 17,700 crore followed by the Rythu Bandhu Rs 14,800 crore, 2BHK housing scheme Rs 12,000 crore, Aasara pensions
Rs 11,728 crore and power subsidy Rs 10,5000 crore.

New schemes include KCR nutrition kits, Rs 3 lakh aid to construct houses for poor families that own plots, one lakh subsidised motorcycles to construction workers etc. The budget reflected the higher growth in state’s own tax revenue (SOTR) from Rs 92,910 crore in 2021-22 to Rs 1.08 lakh crore, a jump of over 16 per cent.

Harish Rao explained the progress Telangana made in the last eight years since the formation of the state "despite an unhelpful and indifferent Centre, the discrimination both in the past and present and the state’s emergence as a torch-bearer despite all the negatives."

"The Telangana government does not believe in the trickle down theory of growth. It does not believe in protecting the interests of the big corporations. The budget is for transformation of the lives of the poor. The budget has the mark of Chief Minister
K. Chandrashekar Rao all over it," Harish Rao stated. He announced that the government would waive crop loans up to Rs 50,000 by March-end in the current fiscal 2021-22 and in 2022-23, crop loans up to Rs 75,000 would be waived as part of implementation of Rs 1 lakh crop loan waiver scheme.

A total of four lakh beneficiaries will be provided assistance to construct houses with a unit cost of Rs 3 lakh each. In each Assembly segment, 3,000 houses will be taken up initially this year. A total of 3,57,000 houses will be built in all 119 Assembly constituencies. Further, 43,000 houses would be available for allocation by the Chief Minister in special circumstances such as for displaced people and those affected by natural calamities.

Harish Rao proposed to start an insurance scheme for handloom and power loom workers on the lines of Rythu Bima with an assured sum of `5 lakh during the next financial years.

For the welfare of toddy tappers, Rs 100 crore was allocated. The budget proposed to extend the Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam scheme to 1,736 temples in Hyderabad in addition to 3,645 temples across the state.

Harish Rao announced ‘KCR nutrition kit’ scheme to overcome the problem of acute anaemia among pregnant women in nine districts, which would have all the necessary supplementary nutrition required.

He said Telangana's GSDP witnessed a steep increase from Rs 4,51,580 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 11,54,860 crore in 2021-22, which is significantly higher than the national GDP growth since 2025-16.

"As per advanced estimates, Telangana continued to maintain higher growth in the GSDP in 2021-22 too at 11.2 per cent at constant prices as compared with the national GDP growth of 8.9 per cent. At current prices, GSDP growth is estimated at 19.1 per cent as compared with the estimated GDP growth of 19.4 per cent. In per capita income, Telangana's performance is spectacular. In 2014-15, it was Rs 1,24,104. By 2021-22, it increased to Rs 2,78,833 exceeding the national average of `1,49,848 by 1.86 times," Harish Rao said.

Major scheme and allocations

Dalit Bandhu: Rs 17,700 crore

Rythu Bandhu: Rs 14,800 crore

Rythu Bima: Rs 1,466 crore

Power subsidy: Rs 10,500 crore

Aasara pensions: Rs 11,728 crore

Rice subsidy: Rs 2,787 crore

KCR Kits: Rs 443 crore

Scholarships & diet charges: Rs 4,688 crore

Palle Pragathi: Rs 3,330 crore

Pattana Pragathi: Rs 1,394 crore

TSRTC: Rs 1,500 crore

Kalyana Laxmi/ Shaadi Mubarak: Rs 2,750 crore

2BHK housing scheme: Rs 12,000 crore

Arogyasri/employees health scheme: Rs 1,343 crore

Finance Commission (FC) grants to health sector: Rs 419 crore

Major schemes under roads & buildings

Major district and other roads (R&B): Rs 2,000 crore

Maintenance of R&B roads: Rs 1,542 crore

Maintenance of rural roads (panchayat raj): Rs 1,001 crore

BT roads to unconnected tribal habitations: Rs 1,000 crore

Construction of rural roads (panchayat raj): Rs 584 crore

Works in LWE affected areas: Rs 500 crore

Regional Ring Road, Hyderabad: Rs 500 crore

Construction of buildings for Secretariat: Rs 400 crore

ROBs and RUBs: Rs 400 crore

Roads and bridges under CRF: Rs 400 crore

Total funds under Roads and Buildings: Rs 8,327 crore

Incentives to Industries
Incentives to industrial promotion: Rs 2,142 crore

Power subsidy for industries: Rs 190 crore

Extension of pavala vaddi scheme to all SSI and food processing units: Rs 187 crore

Total incentives to industries: Rs 2,519 crore

Hyderabad Metro Rail project: Rs 1,500 crore

Oil palm cultivation: Rs 1,000 crore

Sheep and goat development: Rs 1,000 crore

Mission Bhagiratha-urban: Rs 800 crore

Kaleshwaram tourism circuit: Rs 750 crore

Sunkishala intake project: Rs 725 crore

Construction of DPO (district police office) complexes, new police station buildings, Warangal Commissionerate etc: Rs 648 crore

Airport metro connectivity: Rs 500 crore

Metro connectivity to Old City: Rs 500 crore

Construction of gram panchayat buildings in ST gram panchayats: Rs 600 crore
HMWS&SB reimbursement towards 20KL free water supply scheme: Rs 300 crore

Mahila University: Rs 100 crore

Forest College: Rs 100 crore

Welfare of toddy tappers: Rs 100 crore

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