We Created 3 States Sans Riots: Goa CM

Hyderabad: Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday said that the BJP had created three new states without spilling a single drop of blood as opposed to the Congress’ inept handling of the Telangana statehood agitation, in which 1,200 youth sacrificed their lives.

Addressing the media in Hyderabad on Monday, Sawat justified the Telangana struggle as it was started to seek justice for the region on jobs, water and funds. “When people make a demand for a separate State it should be granted as it’s a democratic demand,” he said.

In spite of getting statehood, he said the BRS government did not create jobs for youth, which was one of key triggers for the Telangana agitation. “The youth here should get jobs either in the private or government sector but the BRS which came to power after the Congress party did not give anything.”

“The BRS government failed the youth on jobs and has not been able to hold a single exam without a leak. In all 17 exam papers were leaked, denying jobs for the youth. The BRS is a corrupt government, which takes commissions, leaks recruitment exam’s question papers and allows communal riots to happen,” he said, adding that the BJP is the only party which can get justice to youth in the state.

“The Congress leaders who win join BRS after winning. If they don’t get a ticket from a party, they will switch to the other. Indirectly, the BRS and the Congress are the same. I appeal to the people here to bring in a double-engine government. States which have such governments like Gujarat, Goa are developing well,” he said.

Calling the Kaleshwaram dam the biggest scam, the Goa Chief Minister said the BRS took huge amounts of loans despite getting sufficient funds from the Centre. “The Telangana CM apart from indulging in corruption with funds locally misuses the central funds also. I appeal to the people to vote for BJP for Justice on water, funds and jobs,” he said.

“Despite not having a government of our own in the state, we announced the formation of the turmeric board, tribal university in Telangana. Another 2,500 kms roads have been added to the road network by us here. We are giving free ration to 90 lakh people here and have committed to give rice for the next five years also,” he explained.

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