Telangana Wants Change, BRS Gone: Modi

BRS failed to fulfil aspirations of TS people, alleges PM

Hyderabad: Addressing a large gathering of saffron faithful, and unwavering party loyalists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said there was an undeniable political wave of change blowing across Telangana, and that the people had made up their mind to punish those who had betrayed their dreams and aspirations in the last nine plus years.

Severely coming down on the BRS for letting down on the people who fought for statehood, Modi said, “The people of Telangana fought for a separate state so that they will get neellu, nidhulu, niyamakalu (water, money and jobs). All three aspirations were betrayed. All they got to see was a family loot the state and take away everything.”

Not sparing the opposition Congress, Modi said, “Both these parties are the same, in design and in DNA. They have three things in common – family rule, corruption and appeasement. These parties want to just ensure a good future for the son and daughter of the ruling family. They won’t think of your sons and daughters at all, or their future.”

Setting a comparison benchmark for the BJP at the Centre versus the others, Modi said, “We have built four crore homes for poor people across India. We have ensured over 80 crore poor people did not have to face hunger during the coronavirus pandemic and thereafter. We ensured '5 lakh for every poor person for hospital care. We connected the poorest of villages with good roads, electricity, and water. We built toilets and removed smoke from kitchens. We did this because only the BJP cares for the poor, the weak and the oppressed, the Dalits, STs and OBCs.”

Acknowledging the special place — both the venue and the theme of the meeting — Modi said, “This ground (LB Stadium, Hyderabad) is very special to me. It was the first place where I was invited to speak in September 2013. When I asked you for blessings, you gave it and the BJP could give India its first OBC prime minister with an absolute majority. Now, I am sure a BC Chief Minister will take charge very soon with absolute majority.”

Criticising the heavy corruption in the BRS government, Modi admonished the party strongly, saying, “Make no mistake, those who looted public money… very soon you will have to repay every single penny out of it. You won’t get away.”

Listing the series of subaltern leaders who have gone on to the highest of offices during the tenure of the BJP-led NDA, Modi said, “President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President Ram Nath Kovind, President Droupadu Murmu, former Lok Sabha Speaker Balayogi, PM Modi and several other chief ministers from the backward communities got opportunities to serve people because of the BJP. In Telangana too, only the BJP wants to give a BC Chief Minister – neither the BRS nor the Congress wants a BC CM.”

Elaborating on the skill development and welfare for the OBCs, he said, “Those who iron clothes, those who stitch or weave clothes, those who rear animals or catch fish, those who work with clay and make pots, those who style hair, and all such traditional professionals, let them all benefit from Modi’s Vishwa Karma programme.”

Modi said the BRS government promised jobs for youth but cheated them. They kept waiting for exams but only got delays, and then paper leaks. Farmers too were cheated after being promised loan waivers. The BJP government has been working diligently and incessantly for the ‘2047 century of independence’ vision, and has been striving for both farmers and youth.

Asking people to elect a double engine government, Modi said, “Let the promise of a bright future be taken to every voter in the next few weeks.” Repeatedly emphasising that he felt he was part of the Telangana family, Modi, referring to the people as his family members in Telugu, said, “It is time you taught these arrogant BRS leaders the power of your vote.”

Ending with a dramatic flourish, he asked people to flash their mobile lights on and wave to show the support they had for the BJP and his leadership, to which, the people responded with great gusto.

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