Congress, BJP betrayed people of Telangana, says KTR

The Congress government under Indira Gandhi deceived the Telangana people

Warangal: IT minister K.T. Rama Rao on Friday sharply criticised Congress leaders who had made a hue and cry about the power situation in the state.

“Congress leaders say the BRS government is boasting about 24 hours of power supply but they are not able to see the current anywhere. They should know that the electricity wires are very thin like KCR. They cannot see the current passing through the wires, but will get a shock if they touch it or touch KCR,” the minister said.

Rama Rao addressed two public meetings in Hanamkonda and Warangal on Friday. He said, “It is the Congress that betrayed the people of Telangana by merging Telangana in AP state in the past. They also killed more than 370 protesting students during the first Telangana movement.”

“In the later stages also, the Congress government under Indira Gandhi deceived the Telangana people. The people here had elected 11 MPs out of the 14 in the Telangana region under the leadership of Marri Channa Reddy. She made them join the Congress with a false promise of creation of Telangana state,” he recollected.

He said, “The Congress party is now urging the people to give it one chance. The people had already given it more than 10 chances, but what did it do for the Telangana people,” he asked.

All the leaders of the TRS including Hanamkonda MLA Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, who participated in the separate Telangana movement, resigned from their posts, Union minister and TS BJP chief G. Kishan Reddy who was an MLA at that time did not resign. The BJP now made him the state chief, Rama Rao said.

“Bandi Sanjay said Prime Minister Narenra Modi is God and will fulfill all his promises. Why should people treat him like a god? For increasing the prices of gas cylinders, petrol, diesel and essential commodities,” he asked.

Rama Rao said, “KCR is keeping in view the welfare of all sections of the people. He introduced some revolutionary schemes and took up several historic programmes during the nine years of the BRS government. Leaders should have the guts to take such decisions.”

He appealed to the people not to fall prey to the “false guarantees and promises” made by the leaders of the BJP and Congress. “In view of the coming elections, they are visiting the state like Gangireddu that comes during Sankranti.”

Rama Rao assured the people that very soon they would going to hear good news regarding an increase in pensions, help to women and to other sections of the people.

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