BJP Pins Hopes on Simultaneous Polls for a Better Show in State

Hyderabad: Amidst talk of possible simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha along with that for Telangana and other legislatures, state BJP leaders are upbeat about their prospects in the state elections, and that such a move will work in their favour.

The two factors that BJP leaders say that will benefit them in such a scenario are the tremendous anti-incumbency against Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, and the goodwill that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brand carries.

Several senior BJP leaders, who admit that their party has lost the edge to the Congress in capitalising on the anti-incumbency mood following internal rifts and the Congress’ success in selling the idea that the BRS and the BJP have a secret deal, have said that they had no word about simultaneous polls.

If the simultaneous polls did happen, they would bolster the BJP’s prospects than what it can possibly hope for if Assembly elections are held separately.

Agreeing that there is a possibility of joint elections, a senior party leader said on Thursday, “Something like that would be bad for the BRS and KCR.” Pressed for a more specific response, the leader said, “We are told to work and ensure BJP’s win. This is the constant message we are getting from the high command. But there are indications that simultaneous polls could happen.”

Another party leader from Delhi, however, said “right now it is being talked about. But any decision on simultaneous polls is closely guarded and only the top leaders will be in the know. We will all know only when the time comes.”

This, party sources said, would become clear by the end of this month.

“It will definitely help us,” a senior party office-bearer said, adding, “The feeling that we are not doing well right now can be overcome in such a situation. This means not only will we be able to do better at the Assembly level but also in the Lok Sabha.”

The BJP, which had just one MLA when elections were held in 2018, added two more to its tally in the bye-elections. It currently has four members from Telangana in the Lok Sabha.

“We can double our MP count and definitely give a run to the BRS in such a situation,” the leader said.

“There will definitely be a bonus for the BJP in the state thanks to the popularity of Modi, if simultaneous elections are held. His image will definitely help us do better at the state level, but at the national level, Congress could draw some benefit from the anti-incumbency against K. Chandrashekar Rao,” another senior leader said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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