DMK cheers Rahul with a Murasoli editorial

Chennai: The DMK pledged its total support to the Congress, particularly the unity walk of its leader Rahul Gandhi, through a full page editorial in its party organ, ‘Murasoli,’ with the byline of its editor Mursoli Selvam, on Tuesday putting at rest all speculations over a possibility of the party drifting away from the Congress as the State government hosted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The editorial titled ‘Ilam Thalaivane Veerukondu Ezhu’ (Raise with all vigour, young leader) recalled the DMK’s association with the Congress since the days when former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was facing the animosity of her own party leaders and also referred to Chief Minister and DMK President M K Stalin naming Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister in 2018 when even his own party was shy of doing it.

The bold strapline above the editorial’s headline, ‘Uzhaipin Nayagan Thalapathy Udan Irukirar’ (Hero of Hardwork Stalin is with You) actually sets the mood of piece that goes on to greet Rahul Gandhi all the success in the ‘Bharat Joda Yatra’ that will be flagged off by Stalin at Kanyakumari on Wednesday. ‘Let your journey continue till you succeed,’ said the editorial that assured the support of Stalin to the Congress in defeating the BJP.

It regretted that the clarion call given by Stalin in 2018 did not have an impact on the opposition parties which had led to the nation suffering under a ‘Fascist,’ ‘Nazi’ and anti-people regime, which had enabled religious fundamentalism to destroy the secular fabric of the nation and putting democracy and the country’s sovereignty in jeopardy.

At the function organized to unveil the statue of M Karunanidhi in 2018, Stalin had said, ‘Rahul Gandhie Varuga, Nattukku Nallatchi Tharuga’ (Welcome Rahul Gandhi, Provide Good Governance to the Nation) and also asked the leaders of other political parties to strengthen his hand.

But the BJP, by polling just 37.4 per cent votes came into power with a brute majority was running a government that was least concerned about the problems of common people like farmers, those running small businesses, public sector employees who live under the mortal fear of privatization and others.

It alleged that the RSS was running the government under the garb of the BJP and had entrusted the role of propaganda to Narendra Modi like Joseph Goebbels was put in charge of covering up the mistakes of government under Adolf Hitler in Nazi-ruled Germany through his false campaigns.

To save India from such tyrants, the nation needed a leader and the DMK, which has played such a crucial role in the past, would do it now by standing by Rahul Gandhi even if the Prime Minister might choose to call him ‘Pappu’ and it would be just reminiscent of Karunanidhi backing Indira Gandhi when Morarji Desai called her a ‘Chokri’ (Ignorant Girl), it said.

On the lines of Karunanidhi invited Indira Gandhi with the popular slogan, ‘Nehruvin Maghale Varuga, Nilaiana Aatchi Tharuga’ (Come Nehru’s daughter, given the nation a stable government) long ago, his son Stalin would declare in Kanyakumari: ‘Rahul Gandhie Varuga, Nattuku Nalattachi Thara, Umathu Puratchi Payanam Velga’ (Come Rahul Gandhi, May your revolutionary journey to provide good governance to the nation be a success).

If the DMK had not supported Indira Gandhi and her candidate V V Giri in the Presidential elections when many Congress leaders had fielded Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy against him, it would have been a major setback to her and even affected her political career, the editorial said

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