BJP\'s Tejasvi Surya trolled for promoting eatery amid floods

BENGALURU: Bengaluru South Lok Sabha member Tejasvi Surya was trolled and criticised by a section of social media users accusing him of relishing dosa and promoting an eatery in his constituency, when many parts of the city have been reeling under torrential rains and floods.

In a 40-second video that has gone viral, the National President of BJP Yuva Morcha can be seen eating 'Butter Masala Dosa' and 'Uppittu' (Upma) at an eatery in Padmanabhanagar and praising its quality and taste. He also recommended it to people asking them to come and taste the food there.
There is no mention as to when the video was shot. However, Congress' national social media co-coordinator Lavanya Ballal said the video is said to be dated September 5, when most parts of the city were flooded.

“Video dated 5th September. @Tejasvi_Surya was enjoying a good breakfast while Bangalore was drowning. Has he visited even a single flood affected region?” Ballal tweeted.

“Has anyone heard from @Tejasvi_Surya and his colleagues? Is he in Bangalore?” she said in another tweet.

Several Twitter users including actress and former Congress MP Ramya have shared Surya's video online.

“Food blogger @Tejasvi_Surya avare, If you want to promote other hotels, Let's meet for a coffee on ORR Your voters from Bengaluru South are working there,” a Twitter user said.

“When Rome burnt, Nero Fiddled !When Bengaluru drowned, @Tejasvi_Surya ate Dosas and mocked the very people who voted him to power ! Remember this picture and his smile when you vote next !” AAP leader Prithvi Reddy said.

Hitting out Surya, one tweet read, “MP Name: @Tejasvi_Surya Constituency: Bangalore South * Tweets on Kejriwal in the last 3 days: 240 * Tweets on Rahul Gandhi: 17 * Tweets on Indira Gandhi and Nehru: 55 * Tweets Praising Modi: 137 *Tweets on BANGALORE FLOODS: 00*”.

Some even tweeted “Surya missing” note as a tweet, stating “For no reasons he will land up in Congress ruled states, but now when his own state is going through one of worst stages...he is missing.”

Though most tweets targeted Surya, a few questioned why the other two Bengaluru MPs Sadananda Gowda (North) and P C Mohan (Central), who are also from BJP, have not posted any tweets regarding the rain havoc in Bengaluru.

There were also several tweets blaming the city's MLAs and political class for the mess.

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