Bihar minister Shahnawaz Hussain slams Owaisi for creating Hindu-Muslim divide

If the Opposition wanted debates, then it was important for the House to function smoothly, he said

HYDERABAD: Bihar minister of industries Shahnawaz Hussain, who was in Hyderabad on a visit, spoke to this newspaper exclusively on several issues in the country.

Reacting to Opposition parties obstructing Parliament proceedings, the minister and BJP senior leader said since the Opposition was less in numbers and in terms of representation, they found disrupting Parliament an easy way of getting noticed.

If the Opposition wanted debates, then it was important for the House to function smoothly, he said, adding that those who were stopping the proceedings were at a loss and they were not fighting for people's cause. He added that if they wanted to attack the government, then they should let the House function smoothly.

On the Pegasus issue, the minister made it clear that the government had responded and the matter was in the court, and refused to comment.

About Uttar Pradesh politics, he said Yogi Adityanath’s second term as the Chief Minister was certain as the BJP never lacked in numbers. In Bihar Assembly, the BJP went from 53 to74 and in Bengal, the BJP which had only three members now had 77 MLAs. He asked if Mamata Banerjee considered this to be a small journey, adding that the BJP would be going to sweep the next general elections. He also stated that similarly the BJP would only find more representatives from UP and would win 300+ seats.

Talking about the minorities in the BJP, Shahnawaz said, “There is no discrimination. I am a Muslim, a Hajji, and I don’t need a certificate from anybody. Muslims are actively joining the BJP.”

He attacked MIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi stating that “Owaisi’s politics revolves around abusing the BJP and dividing Hindus and Muslims. The name of Owaisi’s party itself is All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen which mentions Muslim in its name. Owaisi’s All Indian United Muslim mission acts against the Hindus. Is Owaisi helping Muslims or he is pitting them against others”.

He said Owaisi was covered with security but his statements were meant to destroy the unity of society. “There are others like him and they only want to defame the BJP,” said the minister.

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