Razakars left India, we didn’t: Asaduddin Owaisi

He was addressing a meeting on Friday night at Tigalkunta to protest mob violence.

Hyderabad: MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi said mob lynching incidents were the result of the contamination of minds by inducing abomination against Muslims.

He was addressing a meeting on Friday night at Tigalkunta to protest mob violence. The Supreme Court a year ago had asked the Centre to enact a law to curb mob violence but the Modi government was not in a mood to take the initiative, he said.

He said venom was being spewed against Muslims using wrong propaganda which had resulted in the young generation — that had seen neither Partition nor the demolition of the Babri Masjid — eveloping a sense of extreme dislike against Muslims.

He said Indian nationalism was different from Hindutva nationalism. “Even today, a majority of Hindus are secular and they trust in a plural society and integration. There is a difference between KCR and Modi praticing their faith. Mr Rao also an orthodox. If Modi goes to two temples, then Mr Rao goes to four temples. The BJP will never be able to defeat Mr Rao in the elections using the Hindutva agenda,” Mr Owaisi said.

He said, “When we were fighting British aggression, the RSS people were not with freedom fighters. We are the first who issued a fatwa against British aggression.”

“We are not chicken, we will not be afraid of such incidents,” he said and asked Muslim youth not to fall prey to communal forces and defend themselves. “You have the right of civil defence, but avoid taking the law into your hands.”

“They are branding us as Razakar which is not true, we are wafadar (loyal).

Razakars migrated to Pakistan while we choose this land and we are loyal to our beloved country,” Mr Owaisi said.

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