Rahul questions share of each engine in 40% commission

Belagavi/Chikodi: Taking a dig at the ‘double engine’ government, Rahul questioned the share each ‘engine’ got in the 40 per cent commission.
Rahul was in Belagavi and Chikkodi to address the election campaign on Saturday.

“The BJP government in the state is the most corrupt government in the entire country. They take 40 per cent commission for every work,” he said.
“During his campaign the Prime Minister used to speak about ‘double engine’ government. My question to him is that out of the 40 per cent commission how much did each engine get. What was the share of the Karnataka engine and that of the Delhi engine,” he questioned. Recently, the PM stopped speaking about ‘double engine’, he pointed out.

Rahul questioned the Prime Minister on the steps taken on the allegations of BJP government in Karnataka taking 40 per cent commission for every work.
“The Prime Minister should reveal what he has done on this issue. Has there been any enquiry? How many have been put in jail and how many have been punished? He comes to the election rally and does not speak on these issues,” he added.

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took dig at the Congress on terror issue, AICC former president Rahul Gandhi reacted that he knows about terrorism much better than the Prime Minister.

Before asking for a vote the Prime Minister should talk about the past three years. He should speak about the 40 per cent government in the state and what he will do for the next five years in Karnataka. Instead, he speaks about other issues like terrorism. I know much better than him about terrorism,” Rahul said.

“Terrorists killed my family members. They killed my grandmother and my father. So I know and understand what terrorism is,” Rahul said.

While Rahul declared to fulfil the five 'guarantees' in the first cabinet after coming to power, he also assured to fill the 2.5 lakh government vacancies.

“We will fill it for the youth of Karnataka. Also, our effort is to provide 10 lakh jobs for the youth in five years. Farmers are the backbone of Karnataka and we will provide Rs 1.5 lakh crore to them in five years. The milk subsidy will be hiked from Rs 5 to Rs 7. These are just the beginning,” he said.
Rahul also asked the people to vote the Congress to power with at least 150 seats.

“If not, the BJP will try to steal the government again. If they succeed, they may increase the commission from 40 per cent to 50 per cent,” he added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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