There is greater awareness about PWA: GK Vasan

In an interview to Deccan Chronicle, Vasan said he does not regret the decision to quit Congress.

Vellore: Tamil Maanila Congress chief G. K.Vasan says his party has not suffered any setback after the exit of leaders like Peter Alphonse and S. R. Balasubramaniam, whom he charges with giving importance to their personal stand rather than the party’s decision to join DMDK-PWA . “They had DMK and AIADMK in the back of their mind,” Vasan said.

In an interview to Deccan Chronicle, Vasan said he does not regret the decision to quit Congress and maintains there is “greater awareness” about PWA among people and hoped that voters would support the third front. Excerpts:

Q Tamil Maanila Congress is fighting the Assembly elections as part of DMDK-PWA combine. What is your feedback from the ground during your campaigning?

My general feeling is there is greater awareness among people that there is a strong third front for the first time in Tamil Nadu. People also ask as to why Dravidian parties alone should rule all the time. I think people will make up their mind in favour of change at the time of voting.

Q Your party was the last to join PWA. Don’t you think the decision came at the last minute and it was too late by then?

In general, any party’s decision on elections is based on detailed discussions and interactions with party cadres. The TMC’s decision, I agree, on alliance question was delayed by a fortnight.

Q You merged your father G. K. Moopanar’s TMC with Congress in 2002. What forced you to quit the party 12 years later ?

To quit the Congress was a decision taken by my cadres and senior leaders in districts. I felt it was fair enough to follow the decision for achieving our goal in Tamil Nadu. I think we are on the right track. Winning or losing one election will not be a hurdle in the process.

Q When your father floated TMC in 1996, it was called the real Congress. Similar claims were made even when you revived the party. But, DMK called Congress for an alliance first, not TMC though it is Assembly elections. How do you see this?

The days of 1996 are totally different from 2016. There is no comparison between TMC of 1996 and TMC of 2016. I formed the party in 2014 when Congress was at its weakest position in the state. I took a bold decision keeping in mind the interest of the cadre and district leaders. I don’t regret the decision.

Q Do you think the values followed by Kamaraj can be incorporated in Vijayakant-led government?

Everybody has their say in a coalition government. This should ultimately be for the people’s interests. There should be consensus on a decision. TMC’s decision on clean and non-corrupt government will lead to betterment of the state.

Q Senior leaders of your party revolted against your decision to join PWA alliance and eventually left TMC. How do you view this?

It is very unfortunate that leaders who should have guided the party on its good decisions, have thoughts in the back on their mind on DMK and AIADMK. After 50 years of being out of power, temporary reliefs do not solve many problems. I am happy that 99.99 per cent of my party is intact. The exit of two or three persons does not affect the party in any way.

Q You say these leaders had DMK and AIADMK in the back of their mind. Isn’t it true that TMC was hoping for an alliance with AIADMK?

Any party in any state which is democratic will always hear the views of all sections of the party and I am sure there may be different kinds of views. But finally when a decision is taken keeping in mind the overall interest of the party and its future, it should be the official stand of cadre and leaders.

Q Peter Alphonse and S.R.Balasubramanian worked with your father for decades and they worked with you as well very closely. How do you view their exit?

As I told you, working for betterment of the party should be to achieve the goal of the party sooner or later. That is where your party interest and your long standing affiliation to the party’s stance come to the fore, but unfortunately (these leaders) putting the party on the back step and giving importance to AIADMK and DMK shows their personal stand.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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