Piyush Goyal attacks Rahul on LK Advani comment, says Cong degrading politics

Goyal referred to Rahul\'s attack on PM stating that Modi had booted out his guru Advani and did not practice the basic tenets of Hinduism.

New Delhi: Union Minister of Railways and former Finance Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday attacked Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi stating that they were degrading the value of politics.

Goyal said, "Congress is completely frustrated and have given up. They are attempting to degrade the level of the elections. Perhaps Rahul does not have the basic decency."

The Union Minister referred to Rahul Gandhi's attack on Prime Minister stating that Narendra Modi had booted out his guru L K Advani and did not practice the basic tenets of Hinduism.

Talking to ANI, Goyal said, “I feel the Congress does not know how to behave, which is why they are using such rubbish statements but the people of India will show them their position.

Goyal added, “Rahul Gandhi should worry about the country rather than playing dirty politics. They are totally exposed now and don’t have any option to escape.”

“They are frustrated and worried that they don't have any chance in the election. Even they had threatened the media they will make some alteration and limitations in media,” said Goyal.

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