Kishan writes to KCR on pending Central projects

Hyderabad: Union minister G Kishan Reddy on Tuesday shot off a bunch of letters to Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, reminding him of his similar missives on matters related to development projects in Telangana.

Kishan Reddy said these letters were about projects that the Centre had offered to take up in Telangana, and hoped that the Chief Minister and the BRS government would, after he had highlighted the matter in public respond positively to take the proposals ahead.

Speaking with reporters, Kishan Reddy said the Chief Minister, and the rest of the Kalvakunlta family, indulge in levelling baseless allegations against the Prime Minister and the Central government with regard to projects being located in the state.

“It is not just me, earlier as the minister of state for home first, and later as the Cabinet minister for culture who wrote letters to the Telangana government. Several such letters were sent from Central government officials also,” Kishan Reddy said.

The Union minister said it was unfathomable how the Chief Minister and the state government refused to respond to letters on projects that were meant to help the state develop faster, and benefit the people. Instead, they were intent on stalling them, he alelged.

“At the Centre, we have strict instructions from the Prime Minister that no matter who writes a letter to us from any part of the country, we have to respond. We have a system in place where acknowledgements are sent and the letters processed. With respect to letters from elected representatives, there is a special cell to address their concerns. In Telangana, there is no response whatsoever,” he said.

“Why does the Chief Minister not respond to our letters? Why does he not have even the basic courtesy to do so? If he is sincere about getting projects grounded and completed, whether big or small, he should respond. But he does not. Does he even have a moral right to question the central government?” Kishan Reddy asked.

On the question of Foxconn investments in the state, Kishan Reddy said as a Central minister, he welcomed foreign investments and as an MP from Telangana he would like to see the investment made in the state.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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