Social media war turns violent in Anantapur

Anantapur: Social media war between YSRC and TD in Guntur reached Anantapur on Monday after YSRC’s social media activist Harikrishna Reddy came in and threw a challenge against TD men to come to the clock tower and the TD office here.

A tense situation prevailed at the clock tower after the two groups clashed and pelted stones at each other, in which a constable suffered injury. Police dispersed the rival groups and detained some persons.

There has been heated arguments on social media between YSRC and TD activists following a post from Harikrishna Reddy against the Paritala Ravindra family members including Rapthadu assembly segment incharge Paritala Sunitha and her son Paritala Sriram, who was party incharge of Dharmavaram. Reacting to the posts, the TD activists went berserk on social media for the past two days.

Harikrishna Reddy threw a challenge to TD that he would be at the clock tower at Anantapur and also at the Rapthadu TD office on Monday for any debate. The TD cadres gathered at the clock tower in large numbers and Harikrishna Reddy along with YSRC cadres too reached the spot. Police tried to disperse both groups and detained Harikrishna Reddy.

The Paritala fans attacked Harikrishna and both groups pelted stones. A constable was injured.

The TD cadres blamed the police for supporting the YSRC instead of acting in an impartial manner. However, YSRC activists said the TD social media activists were spreading falsehood against the chief minister and Rapthadu MLA Prakash Reddy.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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