AP Assembly likely to debate Doctrine of Separation of Powers

AP Assembly is likely to hold a discussion on the Doctrine of Separation of Powers in the light of the judgment of the AP HC

VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh Assembly is likely to hold a discussion on the "Doctrine of Separation of Powers" in the light of the judgment of the AP High Court on the Amaravati/Three Capitals issue.

The ruling YSR Congress is planning to place ‘a debate on HC verdict’ in the assembly’s business advisory committee (BAC) agenda at its meeting on Monday.

YSRC legislators have said the HC observation on “lack” of power to the state government to change the capital status of Amarvati is a matter of serious concern vis-a-vis the existence and relevance of the Legislature and the Executive as premier Constitutional institutions.

Government Whip Srikanth Reddy held a meeting with Speaker Tammineni Sitaram and legislative council chairman Moshen Raju. Later, he said this issue would be brought before the BAC on Monday. A discussion will be held on the powers of Legislature in the light of the HC verdict if the assembly speaker gives the permission, he said.

Official sources said the YSRC government first planned to file a review petition on the HC verdict before the Supreme Court. Minister for municipal administration Botsa Satyanarayana, Home minister Mekathoti Sucharita and others gave such hints, but later cancelled
the move.

In view of the judgement, chief minister Jagan, ministers and legislators now want to make good use of the assembly session to discuss the powers of the legislature and executive as Constitutional institutions.

Minister Satyanarayana said the assembly and parliament are meant to make laws. The Union Government clearly stated that the selection and establishment of the capital is entirely the right and responsibility of the state government. He said that the Three Capitals movement development of the state and the people of all regions -- and not the development of one community or land development in one area.

He said that the YSRC government is committed to the distributed development of AP. The APCRDA is in force and operative and the government did not cancel it.

Former minister and Srikakulam YSRC MLA Dharmana Prasada wrote to the CM to convene a special assembly session to debate on the ‘Doctrine of Separation of Powers’. He said the HC verdict on the competence of legislature and policy-making power of the government raised serious concern on the existence and relevance of legislature and executive as constitutional institutions.

Sources said the letter of MLA Prasada reflected the mood in the ruling YSRC vis-a-vis the APHC verdict and there are bright chances of holding discussions on the powers of legislators in this assembly session.

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