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Dynasty politics didn't help women grow in politics, says Sadineni Yamini

Published Mar 7, 2021, 11:55 pm IST
Updated Mar 8, 2021, 12:46 am IST
BJP Leader Sadineni Yamini Sharma. (DC Image)
 BJP Leader Sadineni Yamini Sharma. (DC Image)

Vijayawada: Yamini Sharma Sadineni is a young entrepreneur and secretary of the BJP’s women’s wing. She is the youngest and only woman of a 15 member international expedition of radio ham operators to Isla del Coco off Costa Rica in 2008 at the age of 22.

She is a holder of Limca Book of Record for being the first Asian and Indian woman to experiment and promote wireless communication to send and receive emails without internet connections.

After joining politics as spokesperson for the Telugu Desam, she gained instant popularity for her vitriolic remarks on Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. She was trolled heavily on social media for her remarks on political opponents. She took up the chariot burning issue at Antarvedi in East Godavari. She is a trust member of a temple at Varanasi. Excerpts from an interview

What do you say of the phenomenon of women in politics?

Politics is not a new subject to Indian women. Right from the days of kings ruling their kingdoms till date, several great Indian women leaders ruled provinces, like Jijiyaji, the mother of Shivaji, and we also have top women  politicians of the present generation.

 Women have been proving their mettle in every field from kitchen to Space and achieving success despite facing hardships. They have ventured into business and generating employment and they are also helping the Indian economy grow. In politics, there is not enough of women leadership as no reservation is being provided to them. Domination of males and illiteracy among the females are resulting in a denial of due role for women in decision-making fields. Dynasty politics is also not giving enough opportunity to women in general categories. The women having no political family background are being denied a chance to flourish in politics.

A lot of efforts are being put in to ensure gender equality but the goal is still far.

As a woman leader, I have been facing a series of problems like character assassination, male dominance, internal politics etc. As I do not have a family history of politics, other leaders do not help much. I have seen several of my fellow leaders feeling jealous of my growth in politics and they try to demotivate me. Social media trolling on some issues is also having its adverse effect on my growth in politics. However, I believe in doing hard work and try to compete with male politicians.

There is a significant difference in the leadership of women and men. Perceptions are that women have more patience, can become good administrators, and even an all-rounder. Men, with a quick or short temper and with less patience, can't manage many things well.

Yes. It is true. We require more women leaders as they only can attend to the needs of everyone like a mother in a family. They can plan and execute things for the benefit of all.

Feminism is a typical psychological matter for a few women as they developed it due to their family conditions and social environment since their childhood.

In my view, feminism is not an ideology to fight for equal rights for clothes, drugs, or for blaming the Indian Sanatana dharma or culture and practices. It is not necessary that you get attracted to foreign culture and hate Indian traditions and festivals. Feminism is simply a fight for socio-political and economic equality between the male and female species. Typical feminists need counseling on feminism. They have wrong notions.

There is no equality and no gender parity in several aspects despite legislation. Why so?

Yes. We have not achieved equality in terms of rights and opportunities between men and women in several fields despite us having legislation as law is confined only to paper. Law is not being implemented properly and negligence and graft are other reasons why it remains a distant dream.

What are the ways for women to achieve success in a male-dominated society?

We need change in the education system where girls and women need be encouraged more to enable them pursue higher studies and upgrade their skills. Literacy rate among women needs to be enhanced and a friendly work environment must be provided for women.

How helpful are the present laws for women to get justice?

Most of our laws are a continuation of the post-British era and they need to be updated to suit the needs of present-day society. There is a need to bring in reforms to uphold our traditions and culture. I am surprised to see a judge asking a rapist whether he is willing to marry his victim.

What is the source of inspiration in our life?

My mother is the best source of inspiration to me as she is an expert in managing household expenses and knows how to save money. She knows the needs of the family and plans for future needs also. My mother, like every mother, is the best social activist and taught me the best ethics and morals to follow in my life. My mother is my best teacher as she taught me courage to face challenges. Moreover, nature is my best inspiration and every person who did good for the society is an inspiration to me as well.



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