Congress leader talks of killing Modi'

Now one Congress leader talks of killing Modi but I want to tell them I am not bothered about their threats and abuses''.

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees a competition in hot gallop on who would abuse him the most and made clear he would not be cowed down or distracted by such hate-Modi campaign of the Opposition.

“Modi hatred among the Opposition is reaching new levels daily. They have a competition who will abuse Modi the most. Someone will abuse me, then someone will mock my poverty. Someone will abuse my family, then someone will abuse my lower caste origin”, said the PM.

“Now one Congress leader talks of killing Modi but I want to tell them I am not bothered about their threats and abuses. I am here to do my work, to do whatever I can to make India strong and prosperous. Every drop of blood in my veins, every breath of mine, every second of my time, is for India and 130 crores of Indians”, he said.

Accusing the Opposition of having no positive pro-development agenda, the PM said they were all gathering together only to stop Modi from returning to power. “They must clearly state their plans for taking the nation forward”.

On the other hand, the NDA track record showed its commitment towards the welfare of the poor, futuristic when it came to creating next-generation infrastructure, comprehensive when it comes to farmers’ welfare, fair-minded when it comes to social justice, uncompromising when it comes to removing corruption, strong when it comes to national security, unforgiving when it comes to responding to terrorism”.

“Our priorities are India first, our policies put people first”, claimed PM Modi, arguing that “lot has been done” in the last 4-1/2 years. He then sought people’s support (at the LS poll) “I urge my sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu to bless the NDA to give us a chance to serve you and fulfill the dreams of great freedom fighters who devoted themselves for the nation”, said the PM, before breaking into Tamil for that hackneyed poll-phrase — “Narpathu Namathey, Nalai Namathey”-as his parting shot.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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