Chennai: PMK branded as casteist outfit, laments Ramadoss

PMK senior said he firmly believed that liquor and corruption were the major “enemiesâ€of society.

Chennai: The PMK has been ushering in "new politics" and "new hope" while focusing on social democracy, equality with justice and solidarity and yet his party is being seen as a caste outfit, PMK founder Dr S. Ramadoss lamented.

“I always follow the three Cs — creative, critical and constructive politics — and never express unwarranted criticism targeting anyone, yet those who don't appreciate our good work brand us as a caste based party,” he said while speaking at the launch of his books - En Kadan Pani Seivathe and En Kural in the city on Sunday. Priced Rs 900, the books are mostly a compilation of his media statements and his reactions on various issues over the years.

Stating that he was "not a writer but a fighter for solidarity and social equality" the PMK senior said he firmly believed that liquor and corruption were the major “enemies” of society. Despite not being in power, his party brought out shadow budget for agriculture and even unveiled Vision 2020 in 2007 itself, as a fitting reply to those accusing the PMK of being casteist and sectarian, he said and added that his party got a raw deal from the media.

Claiming that his father and PMK founder Dr S. Ramadoss is the “most misunderstood person in Tamil Nadu” Dr Anbumani, said Dr Ramadoss has a natural flair to ensure transformation and in the process offered remedies to various problems afflicting the society. “It was under his guidance that legislation was brought against public smoking and use of gukta when I served as Union minister,” he added.

Releasing the books, N. Ram, Kasturi & Sons Ltd, called Dr Ramadoss as "a man of ideas" who committed himself to bring about social justice and engineer positive change, while not himself desiring for position in government.

Receiving a copy of the book, R. Bhagwan Singh, Executive Editor, Deccan Chronicle, complimented Dr Ramadoss for being a consistent campaigner against social evils such as liquor consumption and corruption.

“He belongs to the rare breed of politicians who fought for principles without being opportunistic or targeting rival politicians just for the sake of opposing them,” he said.

Making a distinction between ideological politics and electoral politics, noted writer and journalist Malan said it is necessary to gain power to deliver on ideology for the good of the people. PMK president G.K. Mani and Tiruppur Krishnan, editor Amudha Surabhi, also spoke.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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