Industry can go rural with 24x7 farm power across Telangana

A senior officer said industries can be set up in rural areas where raw material is easier to source.

Hyderabad: The Telangana state government’s landmark decision of supplying 24x7 power to the farm sector will help also help boost the industrial development in rural areas. Beginning January 1, 3-phase power supply has been made available across the state. This uninterrupted power is also enabling industrialists to set up units in rural areas.

All this while, adequate power supply was a major hurdle in setting up industrial units in rural areas. Now, the state government expects that entrepreneurs and industrialists will find it attractive to set up units in rural areas.

The urban areas had been the hub of industrial activity hitherto. But power cuts were an insurmountable issue there too. Consequently, a large number of industrial units couldn’t keep up production activity, slipped into financial distress and eventually even closed down. According to officials, about 7,000 units closed due to several problems in the state main the erratic power supply. Now these units are likely to revive with the 24x7 power supply.

A senior officer said industries can be set up in rural areas where raw material is easier to source. Granite quarries located in Karimnagar and other places had to transport granite long distances to factories that power and facilities to cut stones. Granite industries were located in urban areas where power is available.

With power available in rural areas granite factories can be set up close to quarries, enabling enormous savings in transportation costs.

Among the other benefits, tractor and other heavy vehicles no longer need to be taken to the nearest town for repairs; service centres can shift to rural areas.

Industrialist and former Fapcci president Atluri Subba Rao, said the initiative will lead to setting up of industries in rural areas.

Till last year, the government supplied power to the farm sector for nine hours a day. After the nine-hour period, the power supply was whittled down to single phase. This will make a significant difference to life in rural areas.

There are also many self-employment schemes introduced by the government. With the financial assistance by the state government, youth can set up various kinds of units in rural areas.

TS Transco chairman and MD D. Prabhakar Rao said that the objective of 24x7 power supply to farm sector was to help not just the farmers but also to help industrial growth in rural areas.

Mr Rao said Chief Minister K. Chandrase-khar Rao’s aim was to develop rural areas on par with urban areas in the context of industries. The 24x7 power supply to the farm sector will help industrial development in rural areas also. This will create employment opportunities in rural areas, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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