BRS will get washed away like Kaleshwaram: Professor Kodandaram

Karimnagar: Telangaan Jana Samithi (TJS) founder president Prof. M. Kodandaram charged that the situation of Telangana has not changed even after completion of nine and a half years of rule by BRS government and investing lakhs of crores on irrigation projects.

He said like Kaleshwaram project barrages, BRS government will get washed away in the forthcoming assembly elections.

Speaking to media on Sunday, Prof. Kodandaram said Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla barrages have become useless. ₹25,000 crore of public money spent on Kaleshwaram project has gone waste. He pointed out that even people ousted because of the project have not been compensated with a relief and rehabilitation (R&R) package.

The TJS founder president said If people elect Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao once again, they will end up begging eventually. He underlined that there is a need to establish a democratic state in Telangana by removing the dictatorship.
“The coming elections are not about victory of individuals. It is a matter of Telangana people emerging victorious,” he underlined.

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