BJP state spokesperson slams MP Vijayasai Reddy\'s criticism of party chief

Tirupati: BJP state official spokesperson, Samanchi Srinivas, slammed YSRC's Rajya Sabha member V. Vijayasai Reddy for his criticism of the state BJP chief, Daggubati Purandeswari, and accused him of evading clarifications on the allegations made by her against the ruling YSRC.

Speaking to reporters at the Tirupati Press Club on Sunday, Samanchi expressed disappointment with the YSRC's approach to allegations made against the state government's policies, particularly those concerning liquor and sand. He mentioned that instead of providing explanations to the public, leaders of the ruling party, such as Vijayasai Reddy, are opting to engage in personal attacks on opposition party leaders, including the state BJP chief.

Srinivas further pointed out Vijayasai Reddy's legal troubles, stating that the YSRC MP is an accused in about 13 chargesheets and has been out on conditional bail for almost five years now. "Vijayasai Reddy has no moral ground to criticise Purandeswari," Srinivas emphasised. He warned that the YSRC MP might find himself back in prison when the court decides to cancel his conditional bail.

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