Silent Wave in State to Oust BRS Govt. Bring Congress, Claims Fefected Malkajgiri MLA

Rohith would continue to serve their native Medak district

Hyderabad: The recently defected Malkajgiri MLA Mynampally Hanumanth Rao has said the people “will vote against the BRS” in the next assembly elections. “There is a silent wave against the BRS government and the Congress will come to power,” he claimed on Thursday.

“People in TS are vexed with the undemocratic and dictatorial rule of the BRS. They will revolt against the government soon,” he said.

Hanumantha along with his son Mynampally Rohith visited the Edupayala Durga Matha temple, the CSI Church and the Dargah in Medak district on Thursday.

Speaking to the media, the Malkajgiri MLA who recently joined Congress party said the BRS government foisted on TS a debt of Rs 6.50 lakh crore. “Of these funds, the BRS high command literally takes a 30 per cent commission,” he alleged.

“BRS leaders are giving Dalit Bandhu, BC Bandhu and Minority Bandhu for their henchmen, not to the deserving poor,” he alleged.

“Why is this government discriminating against the real beneficiaries, on political lines,” he asked.

The state government was imposing restrictions on opposition party leaders for rallies and other programmes. Chief minister Chandrashekar Rao took out a rally to Maharashtra, but he denied permission to the opposition leaders to hold rallies in TS, Hanumanth Rao said.

He said, “Unfortunately, the IAS, IPS officers in Telangana turned mute spectators to the misrule of KCR. The BRS leadership amassed wealth and is trying to purchase leaders and others with money, he alleged.

Hanumanth Rao said he and his son Rohith would continue to serve their native Medak district. “For the last 12 years, we have been serving the people of the undivided Medak district,” he claimed.

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